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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beware of SEO contest, participate in blogs can be a block

Yesterday a friend asking about the blog Suspended / block by SEO because taking such as Stop Dreamingnya Joko Susilo. Why this happens? Following explanation on management problems such as suspend termuat in Forum WordPress Indonesia. "Stop Dreaming Start Action" is an SEO contest. All blogs that participate in that contest are being suspended. If you think your blog was suspended by mistake please contact us. We do not allow any SEO contests here. Please also remember that Affiliate blogs - such as formulabisnis. com,, or any similar site are not permitted. These links are automatically checked for and will cause problems. If your blog is not an affiliate blog - if you believed the people who are using you to make money and made a link - please use the link in the warning message and your blog can be fixed. We do want good blogs, we just do not want affiliate blogs. Thanks. indeed have a quite firm rules about posting content related to business, because the agreement prohibited the use of the blog to take the business as above. So if you want to follow the SEO contest, post a variety of ads or affiliate better handle such other Blogspot blog hosting or your own. However Blogspot also has rules, which if violated blog directly deleted. Ads Blogspot perform the deletion of several blogs, but today there are already active.

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