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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bing my practice as search engine

Some of the future when you search for something on Yahoo, the Yahoo Search is not showing but Bing. This is because Microsoft and Yahoo work together in the search engine services and search engines handle iklan. Microsoft while Yahoo search ad deal with premium. Point2 penjanjian following them as quoted from Microsoft Bing into the search engine on all Yahoo. Yahoo will provide facilities for premium advertisers. Each company has withdrawn the display ad business. Advertising non-premium practice akan Microsoft AdCenter. Microsoft akan income for the Yahoo results on the obtaining traffik. Agreement is valid for 10 years. So with this cooperation and Yahoo can cut the budget for engine pencarinya. While the benefit to the Microsoft search advertising budget terpotongnya premium for Yahoo to handle this problem. Besides getting the opportunity to Bing can beat Google Search. Will Microsoft and Yahoo duet able menggusur Google. We see it later.

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