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Monday, August 17, 2009

Plant grant meat eater,swallow rat in raw

nepenthes_truncata.jpgFor you who have entered the area of tropical forest in Kalimantan jungle plants properly view this is not too foreign, the local community to as "bag Semar," is usually the case Semar mangsanya trap by opening the valve on the kantungnya of interest are then usually when the victim entered the water will sink to the in the water bag is there ago to close the valve and eventually suffocate mangsapun. However, this new new in the Philippines from a UK scientist Sir David Attenborough to find the same species but article1207076061688d20.jpgthe size of very large giant alias, and no responsibility tanggung plant "bag Semar" giant memangsa very day not only the types of insects, but animals can die tikuspun of dibuatnya. Predatory plant that also is unique. Almost all world-class media, such as the UK's Daily Mail, The Sun and The Telegraph memberitakannya, but for us this is not too special This is a film on the tempo with Audrey figures, plants that eat people in 1986 with the title Little Film Shop of Horrors, the media tried to write the media make the plant a story with this film. In terms latinnya bag Semar is known by the name of Nepenthes, the type of bag Semar variannya themselves very much and that is found in the Philippines this is huge, so do not wonder if a mouse is able to memangsa that were trapped inside. Previous UK scientists interested in this unique species to pursue this after knowing some info from some Catholic Misioner that are in rural areas have witnessed the growth and able to swallow a live mouse. In ekspedisinya this time in Southeast Asia Sir David and his team also found 13 new species of rare plants and had not previously known among red mushroom that has a rare specification. If I, in fact many scientists that we have more knowledge as researchers from the IPB and others who have interest in the Botanical only course we do not terwadahi by a publicity-level support so that the world is so strange that scientists have found something that is considered spectacular by the press world. The world of research we can publish up to the level of biodiversity of the world because we are one of the richest in the world, if indeed I claim that other nations as a finding. Semar in this case met in Indonesia by our scientists, but not so in Inggis publish as scientists find that similar types of bags Semar ornamental plants in the market currently is actually made this bag Semar commodity decorative plant in Indonesia after the fever and the Waves Love Anthurium, many of pasarkan shop store ornamental plants, nah ago so if I oversleep Sir David with a great wonder this plant.

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